Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pleasures of the Flesh Songs

Is there anything more embaressing than thinking that somebody is waving at you and then turning around to find out to say that they're waving at someone behind you? This experience must transcend cultural boundaries.

Music is great for lots of things and one thing that it can really add to is enjoyment of the pleasures of the flesh. The following are my top pleasures of the flesh songs and their situational appropriateness.

1. "Mirror" by Neo - This is my favorite one. This is for the most fun types of pleasures of the flesh. Somebody relatively new. You haven't had no major arguments yet. Everything's all good. There's a healthy understanding that your time together is your time apart is your time apart. You've already engaged in pleasures of the flesh 2 or so times together so now you're mad liberated and really ready to just go in and have fun.

2. "The Root" by D'Angelo - Much more serious than Mirror. Dare I say love. Very emotionally draining. If you find this song particualrly apt you may be in a danger zone of some sort. Theoretically you may be in some good zone too. Theoretically.

3. "Till We Become the Sun" by Maxwell - Tantric anthem. This is for the pleasures of the flesh that change your life for a few days and change the way you look at pleasures of the flesh forever. Then you think you're in love for a little while but then you realize the pleasures of the flesh was just mad intense. Mad fingertips. Kinda slow motionesque. "Till We Become the Sun" chicks are very powerful so be very careful.

4. "In the Hood" by Wu-tang Clan - Go in.

Ya'll know any good ones? Put me on.


Gus said...

112 - "you already know" = series of events as follows: 1. enter room with partner-to-be 2. press play on itunes "yum yum tree" playlist 3. preset 112 as the first track 4. watch said partner's knees vibrate 5. clap, clap, lights off 6. trojan 7. got em

Kristin said...

1. "Say Yes" Floetry
2. "Mind Sex" Dead Prez
3. "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" D'Angelo

Breezy said...

Damn Sand u gonna make me go there...

1) Lupe Fiasco "Paris, Tokyo"-- For some ODD reason, this song ALWAYS makes me want to have sex.. go figure..

2) Amy Winehouse "In My Bed"-- Gotta listen to the lyrics... this is only for a particular situation... Frenemy Sex, I call it..

3) Gwen McCrae "Rockin' Chair"-- When you're trying to get it POPPING!

4) Goapele "Closer"

5) Outkast "Prototype"-- Can Set the move

6) LL Cool J -- "Feel My Heartbeat"- When you're trying to switch it up with the role play

SOO MUCH! I gotta come back later and add more!

Breezy said...

Oh yeah I forgot

BBD "Do Me"-- Smack it up, flip it, RUB IT DOWN!

rasheem said...



Satori said...

i guess i am way more old school than ya'll BUT

adore you - prince
orange moon- e badu
turn out the lights-michelle and some dudes

i will always love you- troop

Sass Unlimited said...

Imagination-Floetry: Anything that provides some kinda non overt instruction is a good look

Speechless-Beyonce- I am of the thought that B is talented but overkill, this is slowbreathy sexy, def makes me want to be EXTRA close

Crown Royal-Jill Scott: only a minute and a half but i dunno it does something for me

Dulce said...

mm ok too many!!! no particular order and for all kinds of "pleasureable situations":
Aaliyah "Come Over" and "One In a Million",
Az Yet "Last Night",
Boyz II Men "50 Candles"
Chris Brown "Take You Down" (I don't care that he's only 18!!) Isley Brothers "Between the Sheets"
Fiona Apple "Slow Like Honey"
Janet Jackson "Warmth"
Jodeci "Freakin' You"
Mariah Carey "My All"
Ne-Yo "Say It"
Sweetback "Softly Softly"
Maxwell "Til the Cops Come Knockin'" (that whole album is baby makin' music!) lol
Trina Broussard "Inside My Love"
Cassandra Wilson "You Move Me"
Tamia "You Put a Move on My Heart"
Chayanne "Otra Ves"

So many more...

buhbis said...

india arie - ready for love
never woulda figured she'd have songs like this, I only ever heard her radio hits, but this gets you going when you think you've found that right one and you've already been enjoying pleasure of the flesh... this makes you wanna say those three little words

Mandee said...
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Mandee said...

"Crown Royal" by Jill Scott - The lyrics can only take a woman there, though.

"Mind Sex" by Dead Prez - Mental Stimulation is the stimulation above all others.

"You got me" by the Roots - There's just something about Black's voice and flow that makes me wanna go in.

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap - There is an utter sensuality to this song.

There are many more that I just can't think of right, now.
Music is the Universal Language; And the 'Pleasures of the Flesh' is the Cosmocentric Language. They go hand in hand.