Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do Cockaroaches Deserve To Live? Yes.

I just moved into a new crib. It's a dope crib but it's got critters. Not a crazy amount though. I see about 2 or a day, but some days I don't see any but other days I see 5. At any rate, as a byproduct of my new philosophy I don't really feel comfortable taking the life of any creature. When I was a kid I used to just sit in the living room in the dark for like a half hour then go turn the kitchen light on and then just massacre as many as I could. Then I'd chill for another half hour and do it again. Such was my vendetta against these creatures. However these days I just catch them in a self made contraption and then free em when I throw out the trash, or maybe throw them out of the window. As I was transforming from the old me into the new me I still used to kill bugs in my house 'cause I was like "i'm only killing them because they're trespassers. If they were just chilling I'd leave them alone but I can't have them impeding on my personal space." But then it's occured to me that these cats are just running around where ever they're born, just like us, and if it was up to them they'd live someplace much nicer too, just like us. Anyway, what do ya'll think? Kill em or redirect em?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeah Jeah Jeah Jeah!

Yo wassup. This is the inaugural blog post at HomeboySandman.com. I'm pretty excited. So I guess today's topic is WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY TUNES?! Are they aight? Are they whatever? There's a little player on the lower left side of this page so check out my product and give me some feedback.

Also, if you wanna talk about something else, lemme get some theories on why hip-hop on the radio is so whack. Is it because whack stuff sells the best? A lot of people say that but I don't think it's true. I think it's because the white man is making fun of us. That's my short answer. Your views please.

And whatever else. Peace to Sosa.