Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeah Jeah Jeah Jeah!

Yo wassup. This is the inaugural blog post at I'm pretty excited. So I guess today's topic is WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY TUNES?! Are they aight? Are they whatever? There's a little player on the lower left side of this page so check out my product and give me some feedback.

Also, if you wanna talk about something else, lemme get some theories on why hip-hop on the radio is so whack. Is it because whack stuff sells the best? A lot of people say that but I don't think it's true. I think it's because the white man is making fun of us. That's my short answer. Your views please.

And whatever else. Peace to Sosa.


Alejandro A. said...

yo what up

Alejandro A. said...

Yo answer back with somtin'!!

Zvi said...

Homeboy Sandman is the man. You are one of the best live performers I have ever seen and your lyrics are way smarter than anything you'll hear on the radio (for now). The real question is how come every other rapper out there that rhymes that fast is so much more difficult to understand? You make it seem so easy.

I think you just convinced can fly.

mvtheexception said...

I just think it's EASIER to sell. Music with substance simply requires more work to promote because few people are truly informed about....reality. And either incapable or unwilling to learn. However, saying "Lean wit it, rock wit it" 12 times make it memorizable, thus easy to sell.

Epic Sunn said...

Yo whad up this Ray tha dude u met on the train with the corny dress shirt and tie lol I peeped the site and I think ya rymes are ill and yo im a mc my self and I wish I was on the 4th joint lol but yeah hit me up at and can you put me on if there are any more shows peace