Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fake Dinosaurs

If I wasn't an emcee I think I'd wanna be one of the cats that construct dinosaurs for the museum of natural history. These dudes are creative.
You ever seen one of these so called dinosaur skeletons? It be like 4 real bones and then like 32 fake plastic "recreated" bones, to replace the bones that they couldn't find. C'mon dog. I mean, dinosaurs may very well have existed, but these cats might just be making this shit up. "This looks like a foot bone." "This is a neck bone and there were 13 other ones we just can't find and they made a shape like a butterfly just like this." Give me card blanche and I'll make some iller looking dinosaurs than these cats. Three headed joints with 17 foot johnsons. I don't know, I don't really buy it.
And wassup with people that don't believe in aliens? I mean, you believe in other planets right? And other galaxies? And you know all this stuff is mad big? But then you actually think it's likey that we're the only planet with living stuff on it, in the whole super duper big ass endless ass universe in which our solar system is not even a zilloninth of a percent. I think you're buggin. Then you run off and believe the theory of evolution where we all came from the same single celled organism, which just kinda appeared based on chance. This scientist was like, "the odds of a living cell, with all its complexities, just being whipped up by chance is kinda like a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and assembling a fully functional 747, and then turning it on and flying it from Elmhurst to Pakistan in a straight line." I made up the Elmhurst to Pakistan part. When I tell people I don't believe in evolution they always be like "oh, how can you explain it then?!" Shit I can't explain it either. I don't need an explanation. Just cause I can't always find the truth, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try and find the lies. But seriously, for all ya'll like "this cat doesn't believe in evolution, he's buggin," do just a half hour of skeptical research. Mutation - true. Natural selection - true. Evolution - completely ridiculous. I'ma try and promote blog participation by putting very little detail here and then shooting people down as they disagree.
It's mad hot for October. Shit is about to pop off.