Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fake Dinosaurs

If I wasn't an emcee I think I'd wanna be one of the cats that construct dinosaurs for the museum of natural history. These dudes are creative.
You ever seen one of these so called dinosaur skeletons? It be like 4 real bones and then like 32 fake plastic "recreated" bones, to replace the bones that they couldn't find. C'mon dog. I mean, dinosaurs may very well have existed, but these cats might just be making this shit up. "This looks like a foot bone." "This is a neck bone and there were 13 other ones we just can't find and they made a shape like a butterfly just like this." Give me card blanche and I'll make some iller looking dinosaurs than these cats. Three headed joints with 17 foot johnsons. I don't know, I don't really buy it.
And wassup with people that don't believe in aliens? I mean, you believe in other planets right? And other galaxies? And you know all this stuff is mad big? But then you actually think it's likey that we're the only planet with living stuff on it, in the whole super duper big ass endless ass universe in which our solar system is not even a zilloninth of a percent. I think you're buggin. Then you run off and believe the theory of evolution where we all came from the same single celled organism, which just kinda appeared based on chance. This scientist was like, "the odds of a living cell, with all its complexities, just being whipped up by chance is kinda like a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and assembling a fully functional 747, and then turning it on and flying it from Elmhurst to Pakistan in a straight line." I made up the Elmhurst to Pakistan part. When I tell people I don't believe in evolution they always be like "oh, how can you explain it then?!" Shit I can't explain it either. I don't need an explanation. Just cause I can't always find the truth, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try and find the lies. But seriously, for all ya'll like "this cat doesn't believe in evolution, he's buggin," do just a half hour of skeptical research. Mutation - true. Natural selection - true. Evolution - completely ridiculous. I'ma try and promote blog participation by putting very little detail here and then shooting people down as they disagree.
It's mad hot for October. Shit is about to pop off.


Killah B said...

Sorry to disagree my dude..but evolution does exist. Its so prevalent in our earth's history. Evolution occurs as a result of natural selection and natural selection occurs as a result of environmental stresses on a particular organism. If evolution didn't exist, how would you explain the plethora of organisms that are the same "genus" yet are different "species." Why do you think we have so many variations of apes. How do you think birds came about? They evolved from amphibians. Take the skeletal structure of a prehistoric bird (i.e. Teradactyl) and compare it to the likes of a bald eagle or vulture; you will come across many similarities. But once again all of these changes are facilitated by a change in an environment. A change in the environment, allows for a genetic mutation, which in time allows for a species to diverge, where in essence the most fit survive and the stragglers become extinct. This is very evident in humans as well. We are apes, with less skin and pose able thumbs. Apes due to environmental changes gave birth to a new lineage which were dubbed Australopithecines. Do to intense heat and the withering away of grassland @ the Cradle of Civilization (i.e. Africa), they began to grow less hair, change their diet, and increase cranial capacity (cramming 1.2 million yrs in a sentence). And as far as the primordial being, the single organism from which all life evolved...that is true is also. And quite frankly it didn't just appear out of nowhere. It took several billion years of particle fusion for this organism to come fruition. All the particles that are integral to our DNA (i.e. Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphate etc.) all derived from Stars and Super Nova as a result of nuclear fusion. Every star has hydrogen atoms, which under intense heat go to form helium atoms, which then fuse to form larger compounds (i.e. carbon, nitrogen, oxygen) which in turn fuse to become metals (nickel, magnesium, etc). These elements are formed at the birth of every star and continue to exist until the star dies. When a star dies it explodes and creates a supernova dispersing all of its molecular components, spreading to vast reaches of the universe. Under the conditions of planetary formation which is very similar to a star, these dispersed elements could eventually come together to form the very first proteins, RNA and eventually DNA. And so my case rests....any questions.

Tah's Chronicles said...

Nah.. Man... It's all theory. I need solid proof. I hear what you're saying. Evolution has its valid points but the drastic changes over the last 2000 years have been pushed along a little. And so have the technological developments over the last 100 years. Text book research is cool but you need to look beyond what text books are telling you is the deal. All that super nova biz you're throwing out is theory. I know there is scientific basis for it all but it is still theory. Dig a little deeper fam. We're babies in the universe man. With a whole lot to learn.

Pleats n Cleats said...

I agree, Sandman. Evolution,or should I say natural selection, happens now, but saying it started life is going a little too far, I think. People love to have scientific reasons for things, but when science can't explain something, they make up things to fill in the blanks.

Speaking of dinosaurs, check out this article:

cellardoor127 said...

Mad interesting blog post...hmmmm...I only have one cent, and a half a leg to stand on, but here goes.
Evolution, theory or whatever...yeah you're right, it's really hard to get factual proof that it happened. It's all a black swan, everything we consider truth now will be crushed by a bigger better truth in a few years, or a few days, we have no idea when these discoveries will be made, or if they ever will be. But then again, how we do know that everything that we believe isn't a theory? Einstein really only hit on half of it with his theory of relativity. Scientists have had to admit to parallel dimensions just to make the M theory work. They calculate that there are atleast 11. So yeah, i feel you, call them on their bullshit, but they need that 11 to make the equation work.
Does that mean there are really 11 parallel dimensions? your guess is as good as mine. See..all theory.
They also speak of our universe being held together by dark matter, something they can only see by weighing the forces of gravity in something that is technically invisible to the naked eye. They have proved that chemical processes on different planets affect physics. Therefore, there's no real equation and no real laws for science to abide by. If there were, there wouldn't be such things as proven vortexes, even on our own planet.
Anyhow, about evolution not being able to be proven, we do know one thing. Humans are able to genetically engineer new species through selective breeding. What Mendel did with Sweet peas, we're doing with livestock and god knows what else. The fact that we're able to clone by itself is insane. And there's at least a 12 year difference between what we think scientists are capable of and what they're really capable of. They cant let us on to all their secrets..
about how life came to be on this earth, I do think some scientists may be on to something when they consider the seeding of our planet as having been done through "panspermia", weird name, I know, but it's basis is that a meteor/asteroid landed here with some organic biological elements that fused with the early amino acids in the primordial ooze and created the first flagellates on earth. If this is true, it would explain some of the biodiversity here. We were hit by many meteors and asteroids in the beginning phases since at the very start, we didnt have the electromagnetic field around us to deflect the smaller objects and we also didnt have the same orbits with other planets that we have now to allow for the "rubber band effect". So technically speaking, we were hit by elements from all over the universe within the beginning stages of creation and "god" only knows what the hell concoction that soup created or what we would be now if these things hadn't happened.
So basically, I'm saying what Killah B said in a different way but also admitting that I dont really believe that just because all this is written down and researchable, that it's real.
How the hell do we know that we're not an alien genetically engineered species planted on this earth, like out of south park, for the fun of other galaxies, just to watch a whole planet self destruct. How we do we know that our whole big blue spinning mass of mess isnt just a large scale reality show....I guess we dont...I guess we dont really know anything...and I guess there's actually a lot of comfort to be had in that.

Charles Leonard said...

Interesting blog post. Largely intact dinosaur fossils have been found. I've seen the footprints myself in Dinosaur National Monument, and they definitely look like huge footprints. Scientists aren't just making this shit up. A large body of evidence suggests that these creatures once walked the planet. I'd like to think they did cuz it gives me hope that life will continue after our species goes extinct.

You might be right about evolution, though, or you might be wrong. Personally, I think the big bang is a crap theory. People just can't deal with the idea that the universe had no beginning, that things just are. We think that because we have a beginning, middle, and end, so must the universe.

Will try to make your show in November.

Heron said...
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Heron said...

I don't think I believe in dinosaurs, but I don't think about it much.

Mental Gymnastics said...

Interesting post, I dont "believe" in "anything", I pay homage to what is plausible and sound.

Evolution is something I pay homage to as historically sound, but on the flipside it does not explain the "speeding bullet" of Humanity.

Mental Gymnastics said...

Evolution is applicable to all living things other than Humans...