Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Happiness Without Nuts

Dog owners who neuter, how can you rationalize cutting off the balls of an animal you claim to care about? Do you understand the significance of balls in the life of a male animal? There is no happiness without balls. These animals are miserable. They have no will to live. I don't care if he's wagging his tale. I don't care if he's smiling from ear to ear. The dude is miserable.


tineRz said...

Hi, my name is Valentina & I am a proud dog owner, who did not neuter my dog.

my baby was a whore & fathered lots of pups! =]

I'm glad i didn't make his life miserable!

5/31/97 - 3/16/07 R.I.P. Qupid

some guy said...

hi, i'm here cause i saw your posters on the 5 train, nice hustlin! anyway without arguing one way or the other for or against the practice (which admittedly, does seem abominable), i wish only to point out that unless one has lived both with and without their balls, can we really say for certain that the ball-less male is happier than the balled one? naturally i don't ever intend to find out myself, but from a philisophical perspective one could argue that freedom from sexual desire quite possibly could lead to a more content life. either way though, since we can't ask the dogs ourselves, it does seem pretty unethical. sort of like the circumcision of babies, in a way....i sure as hell wouldn't have said 'yes' if i could've spoken at the time it was decided that even a small piece of my junk was gonna be chopped off!

Sass Unlimited said...

Maybe my cat would be happier if he was chocked full of testoterone.

Maybe he wouldn't be such a whiney bitch.

If a male cat could be a whiney bitch my cat is such a thing.


but he also might not be alive because the first time he would have sprayed a nice pair of shoes, cute skirt, lingerie, winter coat etc... I would have gone beyond my usual peaceful nature and kicked his furry ass. I am pro the choppin of the nads when it comes to the cats. Dogs, not so much as long as the they keep the pink rocket under control and humping to a minimum. Me and the un neutered male dog are straight. Cats not so much.

Chris said...

Preach on homie.. Do onto others as you want done to you!!!

Canela_NYC said...

You know they're miserable because they still hump...EVERYTHING!

They're missing out and they know it. That's gotta suck.

Mandee said...

Seriously! I am a serious advocate for animals and all beings. Thanks Homeboy, for sharing your thoughts on this topic! I'm not gonna get all into it 'cause I don't have all day! But all you dog owners need to quit that crap. If the dog was born with balls, let him keep his damn nuts. It's inhumane to take that unnatural route. Everything on this earth, is here purposely. Humans needs to stop trying to take things into their own hands. Neutering is unnatural and unfair!!!