Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SUPER DOPE Underground Emcees

I be bugged out by how many super nice cats there are on the underground scene. It's a real shame that lots of these cats don't get that much exposure, not only because they deserve it, but because ya'll, the listeners, deserve it too. So I'd like to devote a blog to to shouting out some super dope underground cats and if ya'll have some time after reading this blog, do some internet searching and check these cats out because I wouldn't be bigging them up if they weren't so nice that I wouldn't make a train flyer saying that they'd approve if they were famous. AND, if ya'll bloggers know any dope cats I should check out, ONLY UPPER ECHELANT CATS, then hit the blog and let me know. I know I probably spelled echelant wrong.

1. Homeboy Sandman, obviously.

The rest of these cats are presented in no particular order.

2. Silent Knight - This is a cat that completely busted my head. He got an album out called Hunger Strike that I ain't get to listen to yet but if it's anything like his stag show then it's nutty. He spit a ryhme about them not making 50 cent pomegranate juice. He's crazy.

3. Alias - This dude loses 10 pounds everytime he's on stage. Pure lyrics, and his flow be so crazy I can't even look directly at him some times. He ain't got nothing out yet but you could find him on myspace and he got joints on there. He got this Middle Passage joint that reminds me to remind you all to read Roots. Read it. Don't just see the movie. The movie is like "oh snap, if ca's read this, they're gonna get real upset. We better make a movie so they don't read the book." He's having a show August 30th at Bowery Poetry Club. I gotta be in Philly doing some stuff that day and I'm crazy upset. Ya'll could still go though.

4. Gang Bang Ho-Sang - This dude is a mongrel.

Damn I gotta go. There's mad other cats but I ain't got no time. Big Zoo from Solid Ground is a dangerous weapon. So is Webbafied. A lot of them EOW cats are. Damn I gotta run. I'ma get back to this later. That last dude Gang Bang is my boy though so don't waste no time looking for him. He can't rap.


BiG AL said...

Went out last night to support my boy LOJ at this spot in Brooklyn and as we waited for him to jump on stage, this tall cat wit a dino book bag stepped on stage- I thought nothin of it at first...but the moment that CRAZY word play echoed through that dark basement only to be followed by that sick Flow- I realized that the life blood of hip hop is still coursing through this emaciated game called hip hop...This Commercialized Corpse needs a SHOT of steroids called Sandman,
The game needs that nourishment-

Much Respect~

Gang Bang said...

Sandman keeps bitchin about me not writing on his blog, so here I am. What up people? It's the number one Gang Bang the super MC. Homeboy been beggin for a feature, but I have way too many bang sessions scheduled. Don't worry, I will pencil you in soon. Glad to see you been gettin some grub in your system since you're good for not eatin for days. Yo, send me some more tacks man. This southern shit kills my ear drums.

Heron said...

Gang Bang = big tunes.